Water soluble labels

Anyone who works with adhesive labels on returnable packaging like: reusable boxes, bins, plastic or metal containers, vessels, … in the food sector/breweries/chemistry/pharmacyin de voeding / brouwerijen / chemie / pharmacie, … wishes:

  • no more soiled bins-boxes-barrels or unsanitary label remains on its packaging;
  • no mechanical damage of its packaging in an attempt to remove the applied labels (with a brush or a cutter);
  • no additional staff costs for the manual cleaning of containers or packages;
  • no extra charge for wrapping the pallets before applying the label;
  • no more risk on scanning old barcodes on labels that were not completely removed;
  • no more remains of labels that will stick somewhere else after removing (work floor, washing system);
  • no more remains of labels that block filters of drains.


Codipack offers you the solution with 100% cold water soluble adhesive thermal transfer labels!

It is an eco-friendly total solution, since the label material completely biodegradable and suitable for indirect food contact.

Our water-soluble labels are suitable for both labels printers as well as for automatic print & apply-systems.

Codipack produces adhesive water soluble labels in any format and delivers the accompanying thermal transfer ribbon out of stock.

This gives you the assurance of quality, since we have everything in own home.

New in our range: glue soluble labels. With this principle the glue is solved by water, with no further trace and the label retains!