Altech Alcode P

Pallet labelling with the Alcode P pallet labeller – for printing and applying A5 SSCC pallet labels on one or more sides of the pallet. According to the EAN 128 standards, the Alcode P pallet labeller works at a speed up to 120 pallets/h.

The pallet labeler experienced a complete ergonomic redesign: with the integrated control panel and optional touch screen.

The Alcode P pallet labeller: with axes that can apply labels on two (front and rear) or three (front, rear and side) sides of the pallet. This pallet labelling system, which can handle pallets of various sizes in real time, has proven its reliability with dozens of references in various applications and industries.

Codipack is Benelux distributor of the Altech labelling machines. Our technical team will guide and integrate the labelling machine in your application. The necessary technical study to the project management and the desired technical aftercare.