Altech Alstep

The Alstep labeller is designed with a rugged, reliable mechanical structure as a basis; which even guarantees quick automatic labeling in confined spaces. The Alstep labellers can be integrated very easily into existing production lines.

Alstep labellers can process label rolls with a diameter up to 300 mm; and are also equipped with a separate control box with cooling, so they can be used in the most demanding industrial environments.

Basic versions– The basic labeller ALstep is carried out in the S and M version, for labels with a width up to 100 or 200 mm. The speed limit is 30 m/min. (20 m/min. at the M version) thanks to the microprocessor-controlled steppen-motor.

The ALstep T labeller-is the version with built-in thermal transfer printer (Sato LT408), designed for printing and applying of self adhesive labels to 100 mm width.

The ALstep labeller is also available in E (Economical) version for labels to 100 mm width at a speed of 15 m/min.

A sensor for transparent labels is possible as option.


Different features possible at this labeling machine:

  • adjustable speed in peeling off labels;
  • counter;
  • end of label roll alarm;
  • connector for connection to other systems.