Freezer labels

Codipack has a wide range of freezer labels for different applications. We can customize our glue types as such that they may operate under several conditions.

  • Permanently frozen glue -> minimum application temperature is above 5 ° c and temperature range from -18 ° c to + 60 ° c.
  • Frozen glue -> minimum application temperature above -5 ° c and temperature range from -40 ° c to + 80 ° c.
  • Frozen glue for freezer application -> minimum application temperature of – 25 ° c and temperature range from-50 ° c to + 80 ° c.


This freezer adhesives can be combined with different front materials such as Thermo Eco, Thermo Top, Vellum, Gloss paper and plastic Polypropylene (PP). We achieve this with our own label lines where we use A quality-materials.

This gives great advantages: quality assurance, finish guarantee by permanent product control, full tuned units that produce labels to process easily on labelprinters, the necessary know–how available, flexibility.